My name is Tammy and I live in North Carolina. Uptown Collars are made by TLC Pet Stuff, LLC. I started making martingale collars because my male harl Great Dane had a fat neck and could easily slip out of his collar. At the time I couldn't find any designs that I liked so I figured out how to make them. It wasn't long and I had people wanting me to make one for their dog. We handcraft each collar with nylon, ribbon, contoured quick release buckles and heavy duty hardware. For the tiny collars we use light wieght webbing and hardware. The collars come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. My husband and I have dogs of all sizes from a Yorkie to Great Danes.
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I am pictured above with my pack family. Treasure (white Great Dane), Wilson 9 mos. old (pie-bald Great Dane), Peanut 11 yrs. old (Pom), Minka 18 mos. (Shih-Tzu/Maltese), Pebbles 6 yrs. old(Yorkie), Max 6 yrs. old (Harl Great Dane), and last but not least is Reggie 10 yrs. old (Yorkie/Schnauzer). All of our dogs except Pebbles are rescued. Wilson was a bottle baby, Peanut was a hoarder rescue and was going to be PTS for being aggresive, Treasure was going to be PTS at 2 days old because of being white (carring the double merle gene leading to blindness and deafness), she is deaf in one ear and blind in one eye as well as having Congenital Heart Failure so she's on meds for that. Max has a form of Wobblers and Spondylosis so he goes for accupuncture treatments. Reggie belonged to a dentist who had 6 dogs, he needed to find homes for them asap or they would have had to go to a shelter since he was ill and couldn't care of him.

We currently foster for various rescues and my favorite are the and the seniors.
A portion of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescues, that are on my "links" page.