Reasons to shop from us

Uptown Collars offers Quick Release Buckle Dog Collars, Martingale Collars (a must for dogs who try to slip out of their collars), Buckle-Martingale Collars (great for dogs who don't like things slipped over their heads but back out of their collars and puppies)and Chain-Martingale Collars (for those who like the noise of the chain for correction). My pricing reflexes the quality of the collar and the service you receive.

Uptown Collars offers stylish collars for small dogs to giant dogs. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction and are happy to help you with a custom order such as a metal buckle or special pattern youíre looking for. Do you need help in deciding how wide your dogs collar should be. Email me, I am happy to assist in anyway I can. My Yorkie wears a 1" collar (martingale with no buckle), My male Great Danes wear a 1.5" Martingale or a 2" Martingale with a Buckle for quick-release. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CHAIN MARTINGALE PLEASE PUT A NOTE IN THE COMMENT SECTION WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER!

Martingale collars prevent dogs from easily slipping out of their collar by gently tightening, preventing it from slipping over the ears. It provides a gentle correction similar to a choke chain without the risk of over tightening & injuring the trachea. The wider collar disperses pressure evenly across the neck, protecting the trachea & allows you to keep control of your dog without risk of injury or escape. Chain martingales, which provide the sound of the chain choker but the gentleness of the regular martingale, are available upon request.

Quick release buckle styles are perfect for busy dog owners or dogs who donít like or spook when having things placed over their heads. These are ideal for dogs who may be left alone or in a kennel during the day. Doggie daycares & kennels often require collars be quick release collars.

Buckle-Martingale collars are ideal for those dogs that require the extra correction of the martingale but owners like the convenience of the quick release buckle or for dogs who spook with things going over their heads.

We support animal rescue. Many rescues require Martingale collars to be used on dogs adopted from them or in transports so that the dog can not back out of it's collar.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescues, that are on my "links" page.