Arnie was adopted by my friends Carol and Chris! Arnie will have a wonderful life ahead of him and he joins Zola (dog)and Kia (cat).

Arnie was Lucky Levi (found on Hwy 501)
Arnie was Lucky Levi (found on Hwy 501)
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Lucky Levi Arnie

Shari a dog rescue volunteer friend was driving home from SC on Friday and saw this dog lying in the middle of the median on Hwy 501. He was skinny, dirty, panting hard, and bloody. He was obviously hit by a car but he also looks like he had been on his own for a while, his skin and hair felt like a pig's skin, rough and wiry. Shari: ”I figured he had a good temperament since when I was petting him, you could see that he was scared and unsure of me. He kind of flinched. We also lifted him up and he was in serious pain and unsure of who we were, let alone if he ever had a person that he could trust. That shows a lot. Some of my own dogs and some past fosters (who were still great dogs and good temperaments) would never allow a stranger to touch or move them in that situation but he never even twitched his lip or anything.”

She called Animal Control and they took him to the local shelter. As it turns out he had a fracture in his leg. The shelter does NOT have the funds to fix his leg and really needs a rescue to step up or he will probably be euthanized.

“After probing and picking this boy up and you can see he was scared of us doing all of this to him; never once did he growl or try to snap at us. He seems like a sweet dog and REALLY deserves a chance at a good life”. Shari started looking for a rescue that will financially support him. Then, he’ll have to have a foster home until an adopter can be found or transport to PA where Shari lives.

Here is where Barbra comes in at from Airedale Rescue. Barbra picked this boy up from animal control and transported him to rescue vet Nick’s Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC where she put a down payment. By the time Dr. Nick could do his surgery it had been 10 days, there was bone missing and fragments that had to be removed. She placed a pin up the leg after aligning it the best she could with what she has to work with. Named Lucky Levi by his rescuer (lucky dog and found on Hwy 501) came through surgery great.

This is where I came in. Shari and another friend from PA had contacted me to ask me to foster but having 10 dogs already at my house from past fosters staying over the 4th of July holiday or my own dogs. I sent a “Help” to a good friend of mine to see if she would foster him for 4 days until my numbers were down and I could take him. He was going to have to stay in his crate and get potty breaks. Carol and Chris jumped at the chance to help out. After picking Lucky Levi up from Dr. Nick and taking him to Carol’s we gave him a bath and introduced him to her dog, Zola. Zola can be choosy about her friend but she loved Levi from the minute she laid eyes on him. It wasn’t long after that bath the two were laying next to each other on the floor for a nap.

The next day Carol called to let me know that Zola (food aggressive with other dogs) shared her food with the skinny street dog and then she refused to sleep with her owners and slept with Levi on the dog bed. Levi also paid no attention to the cat so he’s fitting in well and can stay, they want to adopt him. Yippeeee!!!!!!

Now comes the part of trying to pay for the surgery that Arnie (after Arnold Palmer) has received as well as his neuter surgery, shots and 6 weeks of follow up care. We are all praying that all goes well so that he doesn’t have to have his leg amputated.

If you can help out please contact: is also having a fund-raiser for Lucky Levi Arnie. Put in the code ARNIE and 30% of you order will go to help pay for Arnie’s surgery, other specials cannot be used with this code.

Thank you to everyone that helped Arnie start his new life!

A portion of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescues, that are on my "links" page.