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Bunny was a little mix of some sort that was left with Franklin on a rescuers door step on Thanksgiving. She would pee and poop when ever and where ever, it just came out. It would be in her crate, when it was dinner time, when the door bell rang or just because she took a step. She also would fear bite in a heart beat but she was such a happy girl and just had a smile on her little face. Bunny loved to collect one shoe of every pair of shoes I had and put them in one of her dog beds. She never chewed them up and never wanted a pair. I had her spayed and on medication for her Incontinence problem but nothing seemed to work. After almost a year of trying to place her a fellow rescuer took her for me and found her wonderful home. They don't mind at all that she pees and poops all over the place and just adore her. Yippee for Bunny!!!!

A portion of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescues, that are on my "links" page.