Welcome Minka to our pack.

Minka  aka Lanie
Minka aka Lanie
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We adopted her from Charlotte Meck Animal & Control. This little girl is believed to be Maltese/Shitz-Tzu= Shitz-tease, hard to tell since she had to be shaved since her fur was matted. She has sores on her little body, weighs 4 lbs, when she should weigh 8 lbs and is only 18 mos. old. It's a complete mystery as to how she got this way since she is very friendly, loves everybody, housetrained, and knows some basic commands. At any rate this little one is a joy to have, gets along well with the rest of the pack and loves to eat so we'll have her back to normal in no time.

Lanie has been adopted by a loving family who lives right across the street so we get to see her every now and then:)

A portion of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescues, that are on my "links" page.